Water Board Acts to Protect Coast and Delta from Devastating Power Plant Cooling Systems

Victory | May 19 2010

Ocean Protection

The CA State Water Resources Control Board adopted a final state Policy that will put California on a path to compliance with the Clean Water Act’s requirements for power plant cooling systems. Nineteen California coastal and Delta power plants use World-War II-era, “once-through cooling” (OTC) systems that pull in up to 16 billion gallons of coastal and Delta waters every year, killing marine life pulled into the plant and destroying many species caught on the plants’ screens. The Board’s new Policy will require power plants to phase out the impacts of this devastating practice. Surfrider Foundation partnered with the CA Coastkeeper Alliance on earlier lawsuits as well as a statewide advocacy campaign to urge the Water Board to make the right decision.

Ocean Protection

The Surfrider Foundation works to protect our ocean and address the dangers to it, today and in the future. Our Ocean Protection Initiative includes grassroots campaigns to establish and support Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), oppose new offshore oil drilling and seismic testing, participate in regional ocean planning, and ensure renewable ocean energy does not damage our ocean.

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