02 • 11 • 2020

A Golden State Update Via ‘Protect & Enjoy’ – Surfrider’s California Coast and Ocean Policy Podcast

By jsavage

No other state has a dream attached. – California Governor Gavin Newsom speaking about “The California Dream”

As the most diverse state in the U.S. and boasting the world's fifth largest economy, California wields enormous influence on national politics and trends. Our state elected officials are generally considered a proud and passionate (if imperfect) leader on environmental issues. Surfrider began in California, had our first huge win in California and from that beginning expanded into the wildly successful national and international activist-led organization we continue to be.

In fact, California's environmental issues and politics get so much media attention, that keeping up on the most critical coast and ocean issues can make a person's head spin – which is why we started “Protect & Enjoy,” Surfrider's California coast and ocean policy podcast. Featuring Surfrider's California staff and chapter activists with a round-up of the week's most pressing threats to the state's ocean, waves and beaches, plus related action alerts and Beachapedia factoids, the podcast provides a quick – 15 minutes or so – dive into what you most need to know now about Surfrider's efforts in California.

For example, this week's episode includes:

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Surfrider's California Policy team Jennifer Savage and Mandy Sackett