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February 15 2016

Ahead of the Tide: Impact of Florida Sea Level Rise Part 1

A decade ago Surfrider Foundation Emerald Coast Chapter was apart of the Higher Ground video by CAVU and the Sea Turtle Conservancy, which focused on beach erosion, shoreline development and sea walls.  Since then there has been a realization that Florida beaches have been facing a larger threat, seal level rise. In light of this awareness, the research has shown that almost all local initiatives on adaptation planning for sea level rise ignore long term beach protection and shoreline resiliency in an era of rising seas.  Beach protection is sort of the elephant in the room when it comes to planning for climate change and sea level rise, despite the fact that Florida beaches are ground zero for impacts.  Currently, there is no planning at all for sea level rise on the state level, in fact sea level rise is not even mentioned in the hundreds of pages of laws and regulations governing beach development, construction and protection in Florida.
Ahead of the Tide is a new and exciting 10-part video series, highlighting the effects of sea level rise and climate change through the stories and voices of local Floridians. Each short video (5 to 7 minutes) showcases various aspects concerning sea level rise with interviews with scientists, engineers, politicians, conservation directors, educators, authors, activists.
The Palm Beach County Chapter, in light of all their tireless coastal management campaigns, proudly contributed to this video by convey the importance of Florida beaches to Floridians and Florida. This is a call to action to increase awareness of the need to address and plan for sea level rise in beach management policy, to incorporate beach protection into adaptation planning, and to raise awareness that beach hardening is not an option if you are trying to protect your beach resources.
In addition to sharing the videos on sea level rise and climate issues, we encourage you to write to your state senator, state legislator, city council member and local elected official and demand a better plan for climate change, sea level rise, and coastal zone management.
Please help us spread the word about Ahead of the Tide and share with your social network. Together we can be #AheadoftheTide!