Water Quality
April 25 2016

Another Year, Another Round of Dirty Water Riders

by Mara Dias

As Congress starts another year's cycle of debating appropriation bills aimed at an ever elusive agreement on the federal budget, policy riders meant to prevent the EPA from doing its job and protecting clean water are already rearing their ugly head.  Unsurprisingly, a draft appropriations bill for energy and water has already had a dirty water rider attached to it which would prevent the EPA from implementing its recently approved, but not-yet enacted, Clean Water Rule. 

Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) tried to accomplish the same in the Senate this past week, but did not have enough votes to pass the ammendment.  Read more here: sustainableagriculture.net

Surfrider has been working with NGOs across the country  to explain the benefits of the EPA's Clean Water Rule to our members and our leaders in DC.  For us it comes down to this, clean water at the beach is not possible without healthy headwaters upstream.  The Clean Water Rule restores protection for intermittent streams and wetlands that are linked to navigable waterways that are critical for clean drinking water, recreation and habitat.

Learn more about our campaign to Stand Strong for Clean Water.