Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans
January 08 2013

Are You A Bag Hero?

by Bill Hickman

The Surfrider Foundation Coastal Bend (TX) Chapter has developed a great program to highlight community members who are using reusable bags.  The Bag Hero program demonstrates how easy it is to bring your own bags and why it’s important. Each month they recognize an exceptional community member who has chosen to use reusable bags while shopping.  Bag Heroes are profiled shopping at stores that make reusable bags available to customers, and asked why using a reusable bag is important to them.

The Coastal Bend Chapter has been running their ‘Skip The Plastic’ campaign to rid Corpus Christi of plastic bag litter.  The campaign has documented the impacts of plastic bag litter locally and Corpus Christi City Council has taken the first steps at addressing the issue with some voluntary efforts this year.  The Bag Hero program is one element that helps to highlight the benefits of reusable bags and remind people to remember them when shopping.  Neil McQueen has been leading the Skip The Plastic campaign while Danny Lucio came up with the Bag Hero idea.

Corpus Christi Mayor Joe Adame was the first Bag Hero. Here is what Mayor Adame has to say about using reusable bags: “I am so proud of our citizens who are using reusable bags and urge those who have not developed the habit to do so. It makes you feel good knowing you are becoming a good steward of the great community we live in.”

In December a hockey player was Bag Hero!  Ryan Chiasson plays as a defenseman for the Corpus Christi Ice Rays. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Ryan has been enjoying Corpus Christi’s warm weather. When not playing or practicing, he likes to fish and relax at our local beaches.  When asked why he prefers reusable bags, Ryan said, “Plastic bags end up in the landfill and oceans. Reusable bags are clearly better for the environment.”

Love it, nice work Surfrider Foundation Coastal Bend Chapter!