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June 03 2016

Breaking News: Oil Train Derailment On The Columbia River Gorge, OR

by Gus Gates

Our Surfrider Washington and Oregon chapters and our coalition partners in the Stand Up to Oil Campaign have been working hard against two massive oil terminal developments that are proposed for Vancouver and Grays Harbor.  There is huge potential for catastrophic impacts to the important recreation areas along the Washington and Oregon coast when a major spill occurs.  And as we just learned today, there is breaking news of a crude oil train derailment and fire that just happened within the Columbia River Gorge

How many of these derailments, fires, and spills do we have to let happen in our communities and watersheds before we realize that this is a really bad idea on so many levels?

Want to learn more about these unenlightened proposals for oil terminal develop in Vancouver and Grays Harbor?  Read more about The Sleeping Giant from our Spring edition of Surfrider's The Drop.

As we learn more about the derailment and the impact to the Columbia River Gorge, we'll share with you.