Plastic Pollution
November 30 2012

Buffalo Exchange Goes Bagless!

by Bill Hickman

Buffalo Exchange has officially gone “bag-less”. The company plans to discontinue all orders of disposable plastic bags for its 47 stores nation-wide. This keeps a good deal of plastic out of landfills and prompts customers to remember an earth-friendly alternative for the trip home. The company’s change in policy is expected to keep an estimated 350,000 bags out of landfills every year!

Buffalo Exchange has supported various Surfrider Foundation Chapters across the country with their ‘Tokens For Bags’ program, which was an early attempt at reducing plastic bags.  Customers that bring in a reusable bag get a token valued at five cents that the customer could donate to one of several local charities every time he or she declined a plastic bag.  That program has hundreds of thousands of dollars to non-profits and will continue.

For more info, read the full release from Buffalo Exchange here.  We applaud their efforts and if more businesses were as responsible we would not need to seek out legislative source reductions such as plastic bag bans.