Very high bacteria levels detected by the Newport Chapter's BWTF water testing program indicated an ongoing problem with sewer overflows at Nye Beach, Agate Beach and Big Creek.  Sewage infrastructure in the area gets swamped during wet weather, allowing raw sewage to leak out and get carried down to the beaches by creeks and stormwater runoff. 

While both the warning signs and bacteria levels have come down, the Chapter will continue to work with the City to make sure the planned infrastructure improvements that will be forthcoming this next year ultimately do the job of protecting the water quality at their beaches.  Kudos to the Newport Chapter to following through on this nearly 10 year campaign to improve the condition of the water at their beaches - from being one of the first groups to actually test the beach water, to alerting their community of pollution problems and working with their local government and agencies to take meaningful actions to improve conditions.

Read more about the history of this and other water quality issues at Newport beaches on Surfrider's Oregon State Blog here.


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