Blue Water Task Force, Youth
November 11 2011

BWTF training in Port Orford, Oregon

by Mara Dias

Check out this great photo montage documenting the BWTF training for the Driftwood Middle School and Pacific High School students in Port Orford, Oregon.  The students start in the classroom learning about the sources of pollution in their watershed and then hit the beach to collect their samples.  Then it's back to the lab to learn the laboratory testing procedure and how to read their results.  The school BWTF training closes with a viewing and discussion of the Cycle of Insanity movie.

Originally posted on the Oregon Surfrider State Blog.


It’s officially that season where the rain starts to flow and maybe so does your nose and hind-end after a surf in the soupy runoff. Yes, it’s true that the majority of pollution entering our oceans that make us sick comes from our rain and storm water runoff. This stuff picks up nasty bacteria along the way from various sources, entering the ocean and can often give us surfers and ocean enthusiasts a nasty infection. Never fear, we’re testing and sampling recreational beaches even where the state’s beach monitoring program isn’t able to currently test through our Blue Water Task Force Program. This past month we reclaimed south coast sampling efforts through our teach and test work with the Driftwood Middle School  and Pacific High School students. We couldn’t do this without the stellar leadership and cooperation of Driftwood teacher Fred Betz and Pacific High teacher Curt Gault. Major karma points and high fives to these fellas! Check out the quick slideshow of the recent field trips and training. Wanna get involved or just learn more about our various Blue Water Task Force programs up and down the coast? Go here to learn more or connect with a volunteer coordinator! Results are posted regularly here.  Know before you go!

The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF), presented by Emergen-C Blue®, helps local chapters alert citizens and officials in their communities about water quality issues and works to implement solutions. As clean water becomes an increasingly scarce resource, Emergen-C Blue is committed to supporting, enhancing, and extending the efforts of the BWTF by donating 20 cents for every box sold to further the important work being done to improve water quality. For more information about Emergen-C Blue and the Emergen-C Fund, please visit .