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June 07 2016

Celebrate World Oceans Day, Celebrate Our Special Places

by Pete Stauffer

The Surfrider Foundation invites all photographers to submit an entry in its 2016 Protect Special Places photo contest this World Oceans Day. This contest is an exciting opportunity to highlight all of the special coastal places people care deeply about and Surfrider’s work to protect them through regional ocean planning under the National Ocean Policy.

The photo contest runs from June 1 through July 31, 2016 with the community voting on favorite photos simultaneously. Winners will be announced on August 31, 2016.

As photography is a powerful medium of expression, Surfrider’s objective for the photo contest is to inspire people to share images of their favorite coastal places and to spotlight the importance of protecting these special areas through regional ocean planning.

A cornerstone of the National Ocean Policy, regional ocean planning is a bottom-up process to plan for the future conservation and development of the ocean. In regions and states across the U.S., ocean planning is helping to ensure that new development in our ocean will avoid impacts to the marine environment and communities that depend on it. 

Ocean planning provides a unique opportunity to protect outstanding coastal places before they become threatened by development. As industries, both old and new, stake their claim to develop the nearshore environment, we need to make sure that recreational opportunities, and the enormous socioeconomic values they provide, are protected for the future.

The Surfrider Foundation represents coastal recreation users in ocean planning efforts in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Washington State. By conducting scientific studies and ongoing outreach to thousands of businesses and groups, Surfrider is helping the coastal recreation sector assert itself as a major player in ocean planning.

Through Surfrider’s photo contest, people have the opportunity to promote their special coastal places that need to be protected for future generations. This is an easy way to get involved and builds awareness about the importance of the National Ocean Policy in helping protect our ocean, waves and beaches for the future.

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