Blue Water Task Force, Water Quality
March 22 2010

Celebrate World Water Day

by Mara Dias

World Water Day 2010

Today is World Water Day and the Surfrider Foundation joins the United Nations to raise awareness about the world's increasing water quality challenges. Water is the foundation for all life on the planet. How we use and manage water directly affects not only our oceans, but our whole world as well.

Today, we are introducing "Know Your H2O", a new program that focuses on the issues behind use and management of our world's water resources. It's our goal is to educate everyone about water quality and most importantly how we all can take steps to improve it.

We are officially launching the program with our new animated film, " The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water" which was created by Surfrider Foundation volunteer activists and focuses on the various challenges and solutions relating to water management upstream.

Totebag and Nalgene BottleYou and I both know education has a true ripple effect. The real solution to toxic water pollution, trash littering our beach, and plastics choking sea life is empowering people to change their behaviors on land and then share that knowledge with others.

This World Water Day, I'm asking you to be part of this movement to change the way we all think and act when it comes to the oceans we love.

When you give a gift of $20 or more today, we'll thank you with your choice of an organic tote bag or reusable FilterForGood Nalgene bottle. Your membership will make you one more person reducing their plastic footprint and standing up for clean ocean water.

Your donation today supports educational efforts to stop pollution before it even begins. Your donation makes real pollution prevention a reality and will truly improve water quality.

You have the power to stop the insanity! There is no better day than World Water Day to stand up for clean ocean water and support real change for our oceans, waves and beaches. Please make a donation today.