06 • 01 • 2021

Celebrating Pride Month - 2021

By Surfrider Foundation

This Pride Month we are celebrating LGBTQ+ activists, friends,  and colleagues from within the Surfrider network. Throughout the month we will recognize those who inspire us—both individuals and like-minded organizations— as we celebrate the achievements they've made to help protect the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people to enjoy.

Activist Spotlight: Shelly Simon With the Los Angeles Chapter

I am honored to hold a position volunteering on the Social Media Board, a new edition to Surfrider LA. Myself, along with a couple of others, help organize, create and produce content on the Surfrider Los Angeles Social Media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter. As a photographer, I get to utilize my talents for the team, photographing beach cleanups, events and more.

Being able to offer perspectives from a female, queer, surfer lens is a honor. Having collaborative conversations with our whole Executive Committee to produce thought-worthy content is a privilege. The surfing world, especially via social media, is an interesting world to navigate. Lots of visually pleasing-based photos, sleek videos and shiny good times, yet we often don’t portray the trying times, problematic people and more that populate our waters. Click here to read Shelly's full activist spotlight

Activist Spotlight: James Roubal With the Seattle Chapter

When you think of the ocean, a vibrancy of colors come to your mind. Coral reefs teeming with rainbows of biodiversity. Kelp forests swaying in the currents. A sunkissed horizon painting the sky. Planet Earth's marine ecosystems support a wide range of life. For me and some of my LGBTQ+ friends, we see ourselves as the terrestrial counterparts to this all inclusive underwater world. Working for the Seattle Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, I want to conserve this wondrous submerged world that has inspired me and made me feel accepted for my volunteers and future generations of queer youth. The outdoors are for everybody! Click here to read James's full activist spotlight

Activist Spotlight: Megan Sims With the South Jersey Chapter

My experience as someone from the LGBTQ+ community has framed my perspective as an activist and as a part of the Surfrider network primarily because REPRESENTATION MATTERS. Sadly, we’re still living in a time where  legislators are actively working against healthcare, employment and even housing protections for the LGBTQ+ community. I find this to be completely ridiculous, especially when we have much bigger problems to solve, locally, nationally and globally. But alas, I feel I have no choice but to fight and I will continue to use my voice while empowering others to use theirs. Click here to read Megans's full activist spotlight