Ocean Friendly Gardens
June 19 2009

Concrete Cutting

by Paul Herzog

Concrete Cutting

This is another step in creating more ways for water to percolate into the earth rather than runoff the driveway and into the storm drain system.

Check to make sure there are no underground utilities or water pipes under the area you are cutting. Contact www.digalert.org.2. Two approaches: (a) cut the concrete with a concrete-cutting saw (rent at a tool rental store) or (b) break up the concrete surface using a jackhammer or sledge hammer.
3. Pull out concrete to leave a 2- to 3-inch space between the remaining pieces.
4. Fill in the spaces with stones, mulch or low-growing, drought tolerant ground cover.
5. Re-use the leftover concrete to build a garden bed or retaining wall.

The patio below used pavers, but could have utilized pieces of broken concrete just as well.