October 09 2007

Cool Activist Pic!

by Surfrider Foundation

Dear Surfrider,

I am a dedicated ocean activist from Florida but residing in (and current member of) the NYC Chapter of Surfrider Foundation. I frequent the NYC events almost every time they come through and I get the newsletter Making Waves. I read it all. This has to be the most well executed efforts for ocean activism and awareness-raising to date. I have surfed for 14 years and the past 4 years of cold city life has changed my appreciation for surfing altogether.

I just went on a great road trip through California. I surfed alot of San Diego County, and drove past a bunch of remote breaks in the Central Coast on my way to Sacramento. I have attached one of my favorite photos from the trip. Its a coldwater spot somewhere north of Pismo. It's surrounded by cliffs, it was macking and if you look close you'll see a couple brave guys on it. I'd love to share it with Soup!

-Albert Shelton

Brooklyn, NY