Know Your H20, Wastewater, Water Recycling
November 21 2012

Direct Potable Reuse is Happening In Texas

by Rick Wilson

In what could be the first wave (first set?) of such projects in the United States, the cities of Brownwood and Big Spring in west Texas are constructing Direct Potable Reuse systems to turn wastewater into high quality drinking water, Both cities will utilize reverse osmosis as the main treatment technology, with multiple backup systems and strict testing regimens, as is the case with the successful and award-winning Groundwater Replenishment System in Orange County, CA.

While Orange County's system pumps the treated water into infiltration basins to allow the water to repenish groundwater aquifers (indirect potable reuse), the Big Spring project will merge treated wastewater with untreated, piped water from the city’s reservoirs, while Brownwood will combine its treated wastewater with treated surface water before the mixture enters the drinking-water system.

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