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June 09 2013

Doc Hastings Introduces Bill to Expand Offshore Drilling

by Pete Stauffer

Congressman Doc Hastings (WA-4) who Chairs the House Natural Resources Committee has introduced a bill to vastly expand offshore drilling in the United States. The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act (HR 2231) would open parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to offshore drilling including areas off South Carolina, Virginia, and Southern California.

These areas are currently protected from offshore drilling by the Obama Administration’s 2012-2017 OCS Leasing Plan. However, some members of Congress have argued that the Administration’s plan should include additional areas for offshore drilling.

The Hastings bill also includes provisions to restructure offshore drilling oversight within the Department of Interior. Observers believe the bill has a good chance of passing the Republican-controlled House, but would face steeper odds in the Senate.

The Surfrider Foundation strongly opposes HR 2231 as a bill that could dramatically expand offshore drilling and expose our coastlines to the risky practice of oil and gas development.

Now is an excellent time to contact your Federal Representatives to tell them you support protecting our coasts from offshore drilling!

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