November 15 2006

Does the world need yet another podcast?

by Surfrider Foundation

Does the world need yet another podcast?

Yes it does.

The story of Surfrider is the story of people following an idea. Those people are extremely diverse, they come from all walks of life, they represent the entire political spectrum, they live all over the globe and they represent all age groups.

What they have in common is a simple, many times indescribable love of oceans, waves and beaches. Many of them have made decisions that enable them to stay close to... oceans, waves and beaches on a daily basis.

Before I came on as staff here I knew of this “unifying Surfrider truth”. Before I came on I loved how a single subject brought so many people together.

Now that I’m here I want to tap into that vein a bit... I’m talking with people from all over and delving into that unifying theme... via a podcast.

Click here for the podcast details.

I view this as nothing more than yet another tool to carry our message... we need lots of tools, lots of onramp into people’s craniums... we have a movement to build.

- Jim Moriarty, CEO/ED

PS. Big props to the SD Crew, So. Texas Chapter and others already using tools like these... paving the way and helping is connect with more beach people.