April 16 2008


by Surfrider Foundation

Fifty Surfrider members, armed with signs, voices, and surfboards were ready to rally at the day-cruise gambling ship port to promote the “Pump Don’t Dump” Campaign to pass the Clean Oceans Act (SB 1094/HB 857). El Bano, an inflatable 20 feet tall toilet, was shipped in from Greenpeace Mexico for this event. Designed for elevating clean water issues, it stood its ground at Johns Pass, Madeira Beach, Florida, despite 15 knot winds trying to blow it down. Much of the planning was due to the chapter efforts of Carl, Jake, Julie, John, Michael. and Nicole.

The Clean Oceans Act, currently set to move to the Senate and House floor, focuses on the issue of day cruise gambling vessels leaving Florida ports and dumping the contents of their waste tanks out in open water off our coasts. Millions of gallons of sewage come from these ships annual across the state. The proposed solution is for ports to add in a either a “closed loop onboard system” or set up a port pumping system.

The slogan on the back lid reads playas limpias ahora - Cleaner Beaches Now. Exactly fitting to Surfrider’s Clean Oceans Act mission.

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