Ocean Friendly Gardens
February 18 2011

ELLE/Aveeno + Surfrider Workday Prep…looking beautiful

by Paul Herzog


ELLE Magazine and Aveeno have partnered up with Surfrider to sponsor a Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday on Saturday, February 26 from 8:30am-12noon as part of the annual Spirit Awards for independent films. The site is Franklin Elementary School at 2400 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA. We got the approval from the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District to remove the turf and plants from in front of the cafeteria. Additional funding will be provided by the City of Santa Monica through their sustainable landscape rebate program. ELLE/Aveeno will be a treating a group of dedicated Surfrider volunteers to special after-party eats and spa treatment (sorry, but RSVPs are already filled).

Here's what the site looked like just a week-ago. This will be a great opportunity to both create a demonstration OFG and train the School District staff in how to maintain OFG landscaping - which is where landscaping is headed. The OFG is being designed by our partners, G3, and they will also be leading the Workday. Tom Stout of Tom Stout Landscaping (and a G3 Certified Professional) is the landscape contractor on the project. Tom's crew is in the process of prepping the site for the workday. Here's what it looks like now.