June 28 2006

Florida Surfrider Member Receives Burke “Biff” Lampton Outdoor Writer of the Year Award

by Surfrider Foundation

The Florida Wildlife Federation Honors Terry Gibson among 15 conservationists.
On Saturday, Florida surfrider member, surf journalist, and Florida Sportsman/Shallow Water Angler editor Terry Gibson received the Florida Wildlife Federation’s award for the Outdoor writer of the year.

“Terry Gibson’s work not only educates hunters, anglers, divers and surfers about techniques and honey holes, but places an emphasis on the role recreationalists can play in influencing environmentally proactive change,” said FWF director, Manley Fuller.

Fuller went on to say that, “It is often the user that is first aware of the problems for pollution or over-development when one of his or her favorite spots is spoiled. And presently one of the issues Terry is working on is ‘beach re-nourishment’ and the ecological damage that can result from overly zealous application of this process. Additionally he is very concerned about the declining state of our coral reefs and the need for more turtle friendly beach projects.

We are indeed fortunate to have a person in the communications field who cares do deeply about our coastal systems and the threats to their longterm well being.”