06 • 19 • 2012

Hands Across the Sand: Coming to a Beach Near You!

Do you want to see our coasts protected from offshore drilling? Then sign up to participate in Hands Across the Sand on August 4, 2012!

Hands Across the Sand is an international grassroots event that brings people together to oppose new offshore oil drilling and promote a clean energy future. The Surfrider Foundation is an official sponsor of the event and our participation is a cornerstone of our Not the Answer campaign. Last year we were thrilled to join thousands of participants in making our voices heard.

The premise of the event is very simple: on August 4 at 12pm local time people will join hands for 15 minutes on beaches around the world to champion clean energy solutions to our filthy fuels problem. All events are organized locally by volunteers and the event website provides most of the resources that you will need.

So visit the Hands Across the Sand website today and sign up to organize an event at your local beach! (Many beaches go quickly, so don’t delay!)

With Congress considering legislation to expand oil and gas development off our coasts, now is the time to join the grassroots movement to protect our coastlines from risky drilling practices!

For more information on organizing a local event, please contact Pete Stauffer at (503) 887-0514 pstauffer at
 See you on the beach on August 4th!