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March 04 2016

Hands Across the Sand: Coming to a Beach Near You on May 21st

by Pete Stauffer

Surfrider chapters across the U.S. are gearing up for Hands Across the Sand on May 21, 2016. Founded by Surfrider member Dave Rauschkolb in 2009, the event brings people together to oppose new offshore drilling and other fossil fuel development and promote a clean energy future. The Surfrider Foundation is an official sponsor of Hands Across the Sand and our participation is a cornerstone of our Not the Answer campaign. 

On the Atlantic coast, Hands provides an opportunity to support the federal government's recent decision to cancel plans for offshore drilling, while also educating people about the threat of seismic testing that still remains. In the Pacific Northwest, the event offers a platform to oppose the many oil terminals and fossil fuel transport projects that have been proposed. And finally, Hands serves as a key opportunity to highlight the impacts of climate change to beaches worldwide. With fossil fuel development threatening our coasts across the country, now is a crucial time to demonstrate grassroots support for clean energy solutions to our filthy fuels problem.

The premise of the event is simple: on May 21st at 12 p.m. local time people will join hands for 15 minutes on beaches and parks around the world to demonstrate support for protecting our coasts from oil and gas development and the need to transition to clean energy solutions. All events are organized locally by volunteers and the event website provides most of the resources that you will need.

So visit the Hands Across the Sand website today and sign up to organize or participate in a local event! With the federal government pushing to expand oil and gas development off our coasts, now is the time to join the grassroots movement to protect our coastlines from risky drilling practices!

To access Surfrider's Hands Across the Sand Toolkit, please visit Chapternet. For more information or support, please contact Pete Stauffer at (503) 887-0514 or pstauffer at surfrider.org. See you on the beach on May 21st!