Water Quality
October 17 2012

Happy Birthday Clean Water Act

by Mara Dias

Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.  Signed into law back in 1972 in response to rampant pollution and in many instances total disregard for this precious resource, this bill was written to ensure that our fresh and marine water systems will remain swimmable, fishable and drinkable for generations to come. 

Surfrider activists celebrate water everyday whether it's by testing the water at their favorite beach through the Blue Water Task Force program supported by Emergen-C Blue, helping their neighborhood become more Ocean Friendly by replacing pavement and turf with native plants, or by teaching others about the harm that disposable plastics are causing our aquatic environments around the world.

The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Lisa Jackson, highlighted many of the CWA's successes over the past four decades as well as its challenges going forward.  Read more here, or click here to listen to one of the CWA's original authors and long time supporters, former Congressman Jim Oberstar speak to the importance of clean water to our economy, our country and planet.  

Take a minute today and appreciate how different your life would be without access to clean water.

You can support one of Surfrider's clean water campaigns by clicking here and telling the EPA that it is their job to make sure a day at the beach doesn't make you sick.  Support clean water at your beach.