09 • 07 • 2018

High School Students install Ocean Friendly Garden for community inspiration in Ventura, CA

By Mara Dias

Last spring, the Surfrider Ventura Chapter helped the Environmental Club at Ventura High School install an Ocean Friendly Garden at a busy intersection in town. This very visible demonstration garden replaces 1,100 sq. ft. of lawn with a water wise landscape of native plants. 

Ventura Water made a great video showing the installation. By watching, you can see that not only will this student-led initiative help save water and prevent stormwater pollution, but that the students involved also really understand how Ocean Friendly Gardens work to help address local water supply and pollution concerns. It’s exciting to see an OFG project have such capacity for educating our youth and inspiring the entire community to make positive changes at home in their own yards.

This is certainly a job well done by the Ventura OFG crew, the students and their partners at Ventura Water!