Plastic Pollution
February 14 2013

Home Soda - All It’s Fizzed Up To Be?

by Bill Hickman

There was quite a bit of buzz last week around a rejected football ad for a home soda maker.  After being out of the office I finally took time to search it out and was a bit disappointed.  While I had secretly hoped it might be too risqué by calling out major soda manufacturers for their litter and plastic pollution, it fell short of that.  Great ad campaign that reached the masses but let's take a closer look at the product.

Let me start by stating that I own a Sodastream and my review is probably a bit biased.  I'll mention some benefits but try to focus on other aspects.  I originally bought the Penguin system three years ago because my wife loves fizzy water and I wanted to eliminate the plastic bottles we were going through and it has been perfect for that.

While it's great at eliminating plastic I'm sure there's some sort of carbon footprint to consider along with the little plastic bottles of flavor they try to sell you.  While the CO2 cartridges are returnable and refillable, the plastic label says 'Made in Isreal' so I'm not sure how it works.  The best way to avoid the small bottles of flavor is to use a little fruit juice - either fresh squeezed or from the carton already in your fridge. 

I think these are small considerations and the environmental benefits prove superior to bottled water.  Plus, you can save some money over time.  Overall, I think this is a good product with a great ad campaign.  What do you think?