August 12 2016

It’s about the journey, the lifestyle and adventure of getting to the beaches and waves of the world

by Kassia Meador

Photo credits: Dane Peterson 

Pro surfer, designer and Surfrider ambassador Kassia Meador shares her thoughts on surfing, creating positive change, the power of the ocean and her ocean-themed photography, now part of Surfrider’s artist t-shirt series available exclusively at

Q: What does the ocean mean to you and why should it be protected?

The ocean is everything to me. It’s a place to refresh and reset on an energetic and cellular level. The ocean is also more than half of our world, serves as a home and food source for so many, and needs to be taken care of and protected for our current world and the future. 

Q: What initially motivated and drew you into photography?   

Traveling the world as a surfer, I was very fortunate to see so many amazing and almost magical places. I started taking photos as a way to freeze those moments in time to remember and show my friends and family back home. 

Q: Is there a life experience that has resonated for you and made a difference in your life and your photography?

I feel it is all of life’s experiences that shape who we are, helping us to expand and constantly evolve into the person we are moving towards becoming. So I think it’s really all of life that has helped my eye for photography and the way I perceive the world around us. 

Q: What inspiration does your photography work draw from our ocean, waves, and beaches? 

It’s about the journey, the lifestyle and adventure of getting to the beaches and waves of the world. That's what inspires me to photograph and document these amazing places. 

Q: Why do you feel it's important to support the Surfrider Foundation and our mission?

I care about this world and the creatures in it. It's up to all of us and wonderful organizations like the Surfrider Foundation to raise awareness and make our voices heard to put positive change in this world! The ocean needs us now, more than ever, for the future.