Plastic Pollution, Bag Bans, Expanded Polystyrene Foam
August 27 2012

Last Call for California

by Bill Hickman

LAST CALL for Californians to take action on supporting two important plastic reduction bills before the legislative session ends on Friday.  SB 568 would phase out expanded polystyrene foam foodware statewide and AB 298 would ban plastic checkout bags statewide.  These are two of the most prolific litter items found at Surfrider beach cleanups and the non-biodegradable plastics are impacting wildlife as the ocean is turning into a plastic soup.

It’s coming down to the wire as both bills are close to having enough votes to pass and the author’s want to be sure they bring the final votes at the right time.  The right time to contact your state legislator one final time is NOW!  Surfrider Foundation has convenient action alerts set up to help you email your local decision maker directly then it provides the info to help make a quick call for the most impact.

CLICK HERE to help phase out plastic foam foodware – Yes on SB 568

CLICK HERE to help ban the bag in California – Yes on AB 298

It’s a rare opportunity to get this close to passing important statewide legislation such as this, so please act today.  Click Here for more info on SB 568 and Click Here for more info on AB 298.