September 22 2016

Long Live The Beach!

by Surfrider Foundation

For more than thirty years, Surfrider has protected our coasts for all to enjoy through an incredible network of coastal defenders who transform passion for our coasts into lasting protection. Our formula for success combines local knowledge with national experts in legal, policy and science. We have seen more than 360 victories for our ocean, waves and beaches over the last three decades (and we just started counting in 2006).

For Surfrider to realize our vision of 100% coastal protection, we must bring in the next generation of coastal defenders. This will ensure that every mile of coastline has a fully supported Surfrider chapter to protect our ocean, waves and beaches for all to enjoy today, tomorrow and for the future.

Every day poses new threats to our oceans and beaches, such as: 

  • Water quality threatened by urban and agricultural runoff, sewage and septic system failures, and waste discharged into the ocean by industry, sewage treatment plants and power plants.
  • Plastic pollution continues while researchers estimate that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Since 1974, the world has undergone a 620% increase in plastic production, and it’s estimated that Americans go through about 100 billion plastic bags a year, or about 360 bags per year for every man, woman and child in the country.
  • With rising tides and shrinking beaches, coastal communities are under constant threat, leaving those residents and businesses at risk. Hurricane Hermine, which recently wreaked havoc on the East Coast, provides a sobering preview of what the "new normal" could look like.

With so many threats to the health of our coastlines, it’s crucial that everyone takes an active role in its protection. The Surfrider Foundation takes a unique approach to coastal conservation by empowering local citizens to protect the places they love. Everyone has a favorite beach, whether they live on the coastline or inland. But we must take responsibility for protecting it. That’s what our campaign Long Live The Beach is all about - protecting what you love.

Surfrider has an incredible network of coastal defenders who work day in and day out, whether it is standing up at a coastal commission hearing, taking water samples and monitoring water quality, or collecting data through a Smartfin surfboard fin. For Surfrider to realize the vision of 100% protection of our coasts, we need more people to stand up and take responsibility for protecting our coastal playgrounds. 

Join us today by volunteering or finding a chapter near you, adding your voice to our 90+ active campaigns or becoming the newest member of Surfrider at You can also get involved by visiting to get your bumpersticker and share your favorite beach with the world! 

Thank you for helping to support and protect our ocean, waves and beaches for future generations. 

Video created by Carousel