Blue Water Task Force, Partnerships, Solutions, Source Identification, Water Quality
August 14 2013

Looking for pollution solutions on the North Coast of Oregon

by Mara Dias

Health advisories issued earlier this summer at Short Sands Beach prompted North Coast Surfrider members and our Oregon Field Manager to visit the adjacent Oswald West State Park with staff from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) to investigate the probable causes of pollution.  While the Parks and volunteers have concerns that the facilities septic tank and drainage field are contributing to the problem, ongoing testing has revealed that multiple factors are likely at play.  Regardless, OPRD has taken a proactive approach of regularly pumping the septic tanks for now, while more testing and further inspection of the system is taking place. The Portland Chapter has committed to partnering on a source-id study to further understand where some of the bacteria pollution is coming from and is encouraged to work with OPRD and the Department of Environmental Quality on the project. With Short Sands Beach being one of the most popular recreational areas on the Oregon coast, and slated to be implemented as a marine reserve in the coming years, understanding pollution in this area is extremely important to our members.

Read more about this issue on the Portland Chapter's website.