Know Your H20, Low Impact Development
April 12 2013

Major green infrastructure project is completed in New York

by Julia Chunn-Heer

In an area where combined sewer system overflows are a leading contributor to water quality problems, the City of New York has turned to green infrastructure as a cost-effective solution to multiple problems.

Earlier this month a major green infrastructure project was completed in New York City. The $880,000 project spans 23 acres and will prevent nearly four million gallons of stormwater from reaching the combined sewer system each year.

The project includes 29 bioswales, two stormwater greenstreets, and tree plantings among other improvements. The increased tree cover will help improve air quality, provide shade during hot summer months, and beautify the neighborhood. The bioswales will retain and filter stormwater that would have otherwise inundated the combined system, resulting in overflows of sewage and stormwater since the systems are combined. These are just a few of the projects multiple-benefits.

Not only does this project demonstrates the principles of green infrastructure, but specialized monitoring equipment is collecting data to determine how well it is working and how much water is being kept out of the sewer system during wet weather.

For more information on this “win-win” for the community, click here.