Plastic Pollution
November 28 2007

Managing Plastics in the Workplace

by Elizabeth

This is the report from one Surfrider San Diego member who instituted an industrial plastics and glass recycling program at the biotech company where he works. It's a great example of the how one person can take action to Rise Above Plastics!

"The recycling committee at my work is having a happy hour on 11/30 for the company employees. We are giving out ceramic mugs with the company logo that say ‘Wash It, Don’t Toss It’ to encourage people to reuse their mug instead of using disposable cups. Employees can Christen their new mugs with draft beer, spring water from a dispenser, or wine from glass bottles as we show them ways that they can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We are paying for part of it with money that we got paid for recycling glass. We may also be buying and handing out some reusable water bottles. We are also going to have samples of compostable and alternative material utensils and cups for people to try as we are introducing them to the lunch and break rooms at the same time.

It is far better of an outcome than I ever expected to have for this program. I have some materials from Surfrider and will print some from Algalita and will have them out for the attendees."