April 28 2008

Newport Beach’s “Ocean-Friendly” Garden wins Best Theme Presentation

by Surfrider Foundation

Theme: Protecting Beauty with Beauty

The Newport Beach Chapter's “Ocean-Friendly” garden won Best Theme Presentation at the Spring Gardening Show at South Coast Plaza this past weekend. Created by Douglas Kent, a local landscape designer and member of the Newport Beach chapter of Surfrider, the garden had a beach theme carried through with surf boards, beach towels, and perched sea birds, and was created to show that a garden can be both ocean-friendly and great looking.

The garden was designed to eliminate runoff from the property, the major impact to water quality. It did this using native plants with low water requirements and landscape features such as a vegetated swale, dry creek bed and retention basin to contain water within the garden instead of letting it flow to the street and then to the ocean and bay.

Tree of Life Nursery, Roger’s Garden, Ganahl Lumber and Larry’s Building Supplies contributed to the garden which also won second place in the “competition” division.

For more information, contact: Doug Kent -newair@mindspring.com