Ocean Friendly Gardens, Lawn Patrol
June 02 2011

O.C. and Long Beach Launch Lawn Patrol

by Paul Herzog

We started at newly retrofitted lawn-to-OFG at the home of the Smith's in Huntington Beach, CA, designed by Sage Landscape Designs. The garden met the OFG sign criteria and was awarded a sign. The OFG Committees look forward to the sign being posted for neighbors to inspire and ask the Smith's questions. 

However, based on the two blocks we walked, we saw a sea of grass and only three homes with relatively minor C and P (Conservation and Permeability), but no one with major changes and no real R (Retention). The greatest changes were seen right across the street at the Smiths son's place. So maybe the Smiths can invite their son over to share their knowledge and guide their son on a retrofit or hire a pro! 

It was also great to see so many local landscape professionals participate in the Patrol to learn, share and wanting to collaborate with the Surfrider Chapters. In addition, Chris from Sustainable Communities USA thinks that one of the families she is working with in Huntington Beach may be a good candidate for a workshop or workday. Chris connected with Lenica Castner, City of Huntington Beach Water Conservation Specialist, to see if that family could participate in the July 1st restart of the City of HB's turf removal rebate program (through MWDOC - cities in the Newport and So OC Chapter areas may be participating, too). With some professional leadership like G3's Pamela Berstler provided to the Long Beach Chapter and the workday hosts at their first workday, this could be a good workday for the L.B./O.C. OFG groups.

Here are pictures from the Patrol, plus some "before" images: