05 • 30 • 2019

Ocean Friendly Restaurant Spotlight: Devil’s Reef in South Sound Washington

Longtime hosts to several South Sound chapter meetings and events over the years, Devil's Reef owners Jason and Robyn Alexander were among the first to join the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program. With their love of oceans, waves and beaches, the couple was eager to continue their support of Surfrider and help educate customers on sustainable dining practices. According to Jason, “We are trying all the time to come up with new ways to be environmentally responsible. We strive to educate our guests about using reusable and recyclable products. Change the way you think, change the way you drink.”

Devil's Reef created simple strategies in order to become an Ocean Friendly Restaurant. They reduce waste by using limited packaging, portion control, and limiting garnishes on plates and drinks. They reuse by encouraging guests to bring in their own mugs and reusable straws. The staff are also provided with reusable straws for drink taste testing. They recycle everything possible and keep their non-recyclable waste to a minimum. Lastly, they are changing certain glassware to be more accessible to drink out of without the aid of a straw to give customers another opportunity to refuse straws.

As the Washington Ocean Friendly Restaurants program grew in popularity, thanks to early sign-ups like Devil's Reef, businesses were asked to support a statewide bag bill in Washington aimed at eliminating plastic bags. Devil's Reef was among several Ocean Friendly Restaurants who signed petitions, sent e-mails, and conducted outreach in support of the policy. Despite the bill's defeat, this was a great example of businesses leading by example and utilizing their Ocean Friendly Restaurant standing to effect policy change.

One year later, Devil's Reef is renewed for another year as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant. The South Sound chapter is excited for post beach cleanup events and meetings at Devil's Reef to discuss continued single-use plastic reduction methods over brightly colored cocktails and excellent food.