Ocean Friendly Gardens, Basic Class
March 03 2011

OFG Launches in South Orange County, CA with Mini-OFG Class

by Paul Herzog

On a cold and on-and-off rainy day, a big group turned out at Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capitstrano (inland Orange County) for a mini-OFG Basics Class presented by G3's Pamela Berstler. Pamela led the group through how to implement OFG principles: CPR, or Conservation, Permeability and Retention. The class marked the launch of the OFG Program for the Surfrider-South Orange County Chapter. The Chapter's OFG Committee is ramping up to do OFG events like Lawn Patrols. Volunteering with the Com't is a great way to both learn and act.

After the class, Tree of Life (TOL) owner, Mike Evans, gave us a tour of the Nursery. Along with their retail and wholesale native plant business, TOL also is growing plants for restoration projects. Mike also showed us a swale (like a dry stream) he created on the property to collect and filter rainwater (pictured at left). You can do this same thing at home. In fact, TOL is offering it's annual "Remove Your Lawn" series over 4 consecutive Saturday mornings, starting March 19. Mike also took the group to the edge of the property, which sits at the convergence of several watersheds that eventually flow to the ocean.

The day's events got some good coverage in the online journal, San Juan Cap Patch, with a short video that includes quick steps from Pamela about steps you can take right now.