Ocean Friendly Gardens, Basic Class
March 12 2014

OFG Teams Up With Nursery Owner For Turf Replacement Talk - Hosted by Water District

by Renee Roth & Paul Herzog

Photo by Tim Dewar © Ojai Valley News.

Renee Roth, of Rainscape Designs and a Surfrider-Ventura County OFG activitst, teamed up with Carolina Murillo of Flora Gardens Nursery for a workshop to "Convert Your Turf." The focus was to encourage saving water in your landscape and reducing runoff through the use of the OFG principles, CPR: Conservation, Permeability and Retention. 


  • Runoff as a source of pollution going to our local water supplies;
  • Types of turf grass and how to get rid of them;
  • Benefits of collecting rainwater in your landscape;
  • Before-after-pictures of three local OFG projects and low water using/native plants;
  • How to read your water bill to determine how much water is going into your landscape.

Carolina talked about qualities of various low water using plants and how to stress plants to grow deeper roots so they use less water. CMWD is planning to hold two more workshops: one on natives and another on rainwater catchment and graywater. Renee teamed up with Carolina to do a talk at the Nursery last year.

Renee created a flyer, at left, to promote the workshop. The flyer went out to the Surfrider Chapter's membership, local media and Renee's contacts. A nice article ran in a local newspaper, the Ojai Valley News. Nice work, Renee!