Ocean Friendly Gardens
February 03 2011

OFG Sign and Sign Criteria Ready

by Paul Herzog

The OFG Sign and Sign Criteria are ready for you review and purchase. The sign is made of recycled aluminum and is 9"x12," with pre-drilled holes to make it easy to mount to a fence, wall or post. To cover our costs for production and shipping, we ask for a suggested donation of $20. 

We want to install the signs at the sites of Surfrider workshops and workdays, as well as sell them to those who already have an Ocean Friendly Garden and want to spread the word. 

The open, rectangular space at the bottom between the Surfrider logos is meant to be a place for project partners like a city, water agency or landscape professional to insert their logo. We had good experience with the first sticker company we found online - cafepress.com - in creating small (1" diameter) logo stickers, and you can too.

We don't have the funding or support from water supply and water quality agencies to pay for an on-site verification process. So we are awarding the sign on an honor system: If you believe you have met the criteria, you qualify. Check out the OFG sign criteria and follow the instructions at the online OFG tracker. Email the National OFG Coordinator, Paul Herzog (pherzog@surfrider.org) if you have any problems.