10 • 26 • 2012

One Foot At A Time - LAST CALL for Plastic Litter Mosaic Photos

As part of RAPtober, the Surfrider Foundation is proud to present the 2nd Annual ONE FOOT AT A TIME plastic clean-up event!  This fun and exciting event, will bring together volunteers from across the country to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution by removing pieces of plastic trash from our environment one square foot at a time, and the collected material to create unique mosaic sculptures.  The deadline is quickly approaching but there is still time to participate this weekend ANYWHERE!

YOU could win a new surfboard from Rusty or other great prizes!  Here’s how:

Step One:  CLICK HERE to download one or all of the One Foot at a Time templates.

Step Two: Print out the template and tape the pieces together

Step Three: Go outside and collect as many pieces of plastic as you can from you local beach, park, playground, neighborhood, etc.

Step Four: Arrange the pieces of plastic that you’ve collected on your One Foot at a Time template.  Make sure and cover the entire gridded area.  Be creative – try and utilize the various shapes and colors of the plastic pieces you’ve collected to make your mosaic unique.

Step Five: Take a photo of your mosaic sculpture and send it to us at  Make sure to include your full name and location where you collected the trash to make your sculpture. All photos must be submitted by October 31st!

Step Six: Dispose of your One Foot at a Time sculpture in an appropriate waste container designated for recycling

We’ll be sharing your pictures on the RAPtober website. We will also be looking for the best mosaics and awarding them prizes. Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

Most Creative: OFAAT submission that shows the most creativity in terms of design.  We will be rewarding one winner for each of the five templates.

Best Use of Materials: OFFAAT submission that makes the best use of collected materials (e.g. all bottle caps, all same color pieces of plastic, etc.)

Most Trash Collected: The person who makes the most OFAAT submissions (note – we’ll be comparing your pictures to make sure you’re not simply using the same pieces of trash over and over)

Best Photo: OFAAT submission with the best, most artistic photo

“The Wheel” – The person who submits the best overall OFAAT submission for ALL FIVE templates (must utilize unique pieces of trash for all submissions)

Winners will be notified and announced the first week of November.