Ocean Protection, Ocean Energy
November 03 2008

Oregon Wave Energy in 1979!

by Surfrider

Out of the archives of the Depoe Bay City Council files came a curious folder to Jack Brown, city councilman and member of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council. The folder contained pictures and a short description of an "experimental" wave energy buoy from November of 1979. While little documentation was found other than a few pictures, it was noted that the device was launched off Government Point and apparently was lost after the first storm of that year's winter season, a result sounding all too familiar to the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation and the Newport Fisherman Involved in Natural Energy (F.I.N.E.) when the pictures and documents were shown to them at F.I.N.E's October meeting. Just last winter, Finavera Renewables wave energy experimental buoy sank off Newport. We're favoring the prospects of new and alternative energy sources, but given our current success rate, we're optimistic that this can only happen given community engagement, pilot projects we can learn from, and adaptive management strategies as we move forward. Read more about Surfrider Foundation's Alternative Ocean Energy Policy here: http://www.surfrider.org/policy_ocean_alt_energy.asp.