Activist Spotlight
August 01 2016

Our Future Speaks Up and Takes Part

by Nancy Eiring

Meet Sequoia who is the 8 year-old daughter of Leo, chair of the Surfrider Newport Chapter in Oregon. She attends nearly all of the Surfrider events as an active volunteer as you'll read below from beach cleanups to meetings to even leading the Otter Rock and Roll.   

Q: When did you get involved with Surfrider and why?
I got involved with Surfrider about a year and half ago, but I have always loved the beach. I feel pretty sad when I find trash on the beach and I think everyone should try to pick up at least 3 pieces of trash every time they go to the beach. 


Q: What is her favorite thing about volunteering her time with Surfrider?
I got involved in Surfrider when my dad became chair. I am really proud to be part of such a nice group of people. I am proud of my dad's work. I like how I get to be part of meetings - you know lots of times kids don't get to be part of grown up things, but the beach belongs to all of us, so I am glad I can be part of the meetings. They listen to my ideas. I really like that I got to lead the Beach Cleanup Challenge at Otter Rock and Roll this year. I got to choose the prize categories, I got to make the sign and I helped run the event the day of Otter Rock and Roll. That made me really proud ... because I was the youngest volunteer there I think.

Q: Is there an issue facing our ocean, waves and beaches that you care deeply about? Why?People should use less plastic, because unlike other things, plastic never goes away, it just gets smaller and ends up in everything, poisoning the waters and killing animals. My dad and I talk all the time about how important it is to use more environmentally friendly products. It makes shopping harder, but it is important.

Q: Who is your favorite member of the Surfrider team?
My favorite member of the Surfrider team, other than my dad, because that wouldn't be a fair answer, is all of them because they all help in different parts and they all make it a fun thing. They are really nice people and I enjoy being part of it.