Plastic Pollution
February 18 2008

Plastic Bag Bans in other San Diego Cities?

by Elizabeth

A lot of people are interested in working on plastic bag bans in other cities in San Diego County. Other than the City of San Diego, which we are making an organized effort to approach with SD Coastkeeper and other enviro groups, you can start your own campaign to outlaw the pesky plastic bags. The first step would be to sit down with an enviro minded city council
member or his or her staff, and talk about the best way to get such an ordinance in front of the city council and get it passed. They may tell you that the only was is a voter referendum, or they may say that they need to see public support (this is
where the petitions come in). The process and attitude about such things vary by city, so meeting wiith decision makers is an
important first step. If you have an enviro city council member in your city, they should be able to help you come
up with an overall plan for what will work there. If you get something started, let us know and we will post it to solicit help from others in your community.