Blue Water Task Force, Partnerships, Youth
September 19 2011

Program Expansion in Puerto Rico

by Mara Dias

Thanks to the Newport Beach Surfrider Chapter for a friendly price on some water testing equipment and a generous donation by Rescate Playas Isabela, a new BWTF water testing lab will now be operating out of the Ramey School in Aguadilla.  Previously volunteers had to drive samples from Isabella down to Rincon for processing,  but now the Environmental Science students will be processing beach water quality samples and sharing their data with the Rincon Chapter.  This new lab will make it much easier to provide more  water quality information for Isabella beaches and will give the students first hand experience learning about water pollution issues and testing methodology. 

The BWTF program in Puerto Rico really provides vital information on the safety and health of local waters in areas where there is not much water quality data otherwise. View the Rincon Chapter's site map and water quality data here.

Photos below show Surfrider volunteers helping to set up the lab equipment in the classroom and training the students on proper technique and methodology.