Blue Water Task Force, Partner Spotlight, Plastic Pollution
October 27 2018

Protect Your Happy Place: Our Collaboration With Sanuk!

Earlier this month, we gathered with our friends at Sanuk for a beach cleanup and water testing exercise in Isla Vista, CA to take action in the spirit of our partnership to protect '2 Miles of Smiles'. It was a sun-drenched day with crystal clear skies that offered great views of the Channel Islands off the horizon of the Pacific. Sanuk offered their employees paid time off to volunteer, and the team was as enthusiastic and upbeat as ever - stoked to take care of their playground. It's a testament to the company's commitment to the cause and the positive office culture they have created, where team members are encouraged to get out and give back.


Even though the Isla Vista Chapter had hosted a beach cleanup three short days prior to our volunteer day with Sanuk, our crew of about 25 people collected over 60 pounds of trash in just about 90 minutes. This result emphasizes the critical role Surfrider chapters play in enacting meaningful change and positive impacts on our coasts and ocean. After the collected debris was weighed, sorted, reported and properly disposed of, the group went back down to the shoreline and collected water samples to be taken to a local lab for testing and bacterial analysis through Surfrider's water quality monitoring program, the Blue Water Task Force.

About Sanuk: Founded in California in 1997, Sanuk is a surf lifestyle brand and takes its name from the Thai word for “fun”. This conscious brand continues to stay true to its “Smile…Pass It On” attitude and is planting a stake in the ground to protect clean water and healthy beaches around the company's hometown for today and future generations. Our collaboration is focused along the stretch of coastline that runs adjacent to the Sanuk headquarters, from Campus Point at University of California Santa Barbara to Coal Oil Point Reserve – an area we have deemed “2 Miles of Smiles".

The Surfrider and Sanuk collaboration also features tees from surfer, artist, filmmaker, musician, and Sanuk ambassador, Ozzie Wright! Ozzie created these "fun-of-a-kind," limited edition shirts to help raise funds for our ‘Protect Your Happy Place’ movement. The shirts are made from organic cotton and printed with sustainable inks, and 100% of the proceeds from Ozzie's “Brainbow” & “Brainwave” directly support Surfrider. Check out the Surfrider Shop to grab these rad t-shirts before they’re gone! You can also learn more about our collaboration and purchase the tee at:

Photo credit: Adam Walker