Ocean Protection, Ocean Energy
November 01 2011

Renewable Ocean Energy Heats Up

by Rick Wilson

The pace of proposed projects for offshore renewable ocean energy (wind, wave and tidal) is heating up. A large area off Virginia's coast is being considered for wind power development and a joint venture between two renewable-energy firms plans to build one of the first testing facilities for offshore wind turbines within that area. Poseidon Atlantic LLC, a joint venture between Real NewEnergy and Ecofys, plans to begin construction by mid- to late-2012.

There is also a proposal from NRG Bluewater Wind Delaware to lease waters about 11 miles east of Dewey Beach, which would be the first allowed under the Interior Department’s Smart from the Start initiative. The lease is contingent on Interior finding no significant environmental impacts of a plan to lease four "wind energy areas" off the coasts of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. A draft environmental assessment of the plan was issued in July. Competitive lease sales could happen as soon as early 2012

Meanwhile off the coast of North Carolina, Resolute Marine Energy is preparing to conduct ocean trials of a prototype of its Surge wave energy converter. The trials will take place in November of this year are expected to last approximately 2-3 weeks.http://www.beachapedia.org/Renewable_Ocean_Energy