Ocean Protection
June 07 2012

Report Card Gives Mixed Reviews on U.S. Ocean Policy

by Pete Stauffer

Just how well is our country doing in managing the oceans? This week the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative released its 2012 U.S. Ocean Policy Report Card assessing the nation’s progress toward implementing the National Ocean Policy. The report card praises the efforts of states and regions to implement the National Ocean Policy, but gives mixed reviews to the federal government. The Commission commends the Obama Administration's leadership through the National Ocean Council, but notes that Congress has failed to provide sufficient support and funding. The report card calls on national, state, and local leaders to fully implement the National Ocean Policy and for the Senate to act on the Law of the Sea Convention. The report card also identifies 15 specific action steps necessary to ensure the health of our ocean resources now and into the future.

Read the full report card here

Read the press release here