Ocean Friendly Gardens, HOW
August 16 2011

Santa Barbara OFG Series Steps 2 & 3 Next: Site Evaluation Hands-On Workshop & One-Day Pro Training

Surfrider-Santa Barbara and Isla Vista Chapter Ocean Friendly Gardens Program volunteers, along with their water supply/quality agency partners, have set the dates for steps 2 & 3 of the OFG Series funded through a grant by the State of California (Whale Tail License Plate program).

The Hands-On Workshop on Site Evaluation takes place on Sunday, September 11 from 10am-1pm at Spencer Adams Park (1216 De La Vina Ave., Santa Barbara), next door to the Louise Lowry Davis Center. We'll be applying the OFG principles, practices and sign criteria discussed at the OFG Basics Class in June. G3/The Green Gardens Group will be leading the Workshop. We will be utilizing G3's Site Evaluation Worksheet to:

  • Calculate water use and test for runoff, soil type and compaction;
  • Create an OFG "irrigation budget" and determine rainwater harvest potential;
  • Develop design concepts to make it into an OFG.

For those who could not make the Basics Class, we will do a brief overview at the beginning of the Workshop as well as throughout it with calculations and site testing. The results of our site evaluation will help with creating design concepts for the coming Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday, at which participants will transform the site into an OFG.

On Tuesday, October 25, G3 will be leading their Core Concepts Workshop (CCW), an all-day training for professionals in the landscape arena, and that includes avid home gardeners. The training will help develop the supply of professionals that can help meet the demand of those who want to go OFG in their landscapes. As with the other Series components, funding for the CCW comes from the Whale Tail grant, with funds used to provide scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be asked to pay it forward by assisting with pre-GAP site preparation and helping to build the capacity of the Surfrider OFG Program, e.g., lead a neighborhood walk, help with a site evaluation or design consultation. The CCW will take place in Santa Barbara, and go to G3's website for details.

SB Surfrider OFG Committee would like help with organizing the rest of the Series and future events. Please email the Committee to volunteer. Thanks!