Know Your H20, Low Impact Development
December 19 2011

Santa Monica, CA:  Ocean Park Boulevard Green Street Project

by Mara Dias

As part of the Ocean Park Boulevard Green Street Project, Ocean Park Boulevard has been redesigned from Lincoln Boulevard to Neilson Way with a new, sustainable and native landscape, more than 100 new trees, wider sidewalks, new parkways, new medians, bio-swales and infiltration areas to capture, infiltrate and clean storm water, new crosswalks, bike lanes, bike racks, and new low scale light poles.  At the completion of this project the community will have a cleaner, more sustainable, nicer and safer place to live. 

Starting with this one street, one neighborhood resident hopes the project's impact spreads through the rest of Santa Monica.  "I’m hugely optimistic about this project, but at the same time, I also realize it is only a piece of one street. Success will really be measured by its use as a model.

For the health of the bay we have to infiltrate storm water citywide and keep polluted, pathogen, and chemical carrying storm water out of the bay."

More details on the project and full article posted on the Santa Monica Mirror site.