Plastic Pollution
March 10 2008

Saying No To Styrofoam

by Johnny

Timothy McGarry has a piece in the Mount Shasta News about saying no to Styrofoam (actually a brand name for polystyrene packaging).
“Hey, hon, come and look at this!,” I exclaimed to my wife from the balcony of our coast-side hotel room. What had caught my attention was a piece of styrofoam attached to the leg of a seagull walking around on the beach outside our room - needless to say, a rather disturbing sight.

Now a piece of styrofoam connected to a seagull isn't necessarily anything more than a problem for this unfortunate bird, but I believe it is symptomatic of the environmental hazard that styrofoam has created - and as evidenced by the fact that over 100 cities nationwide have passed laws prohibiting the use of styrofoam food containers within city limits.
What follows is a good primer on how harmful this type of packaging is and tips to reduce your use of it including bringing your own "doggie bag" or container with you to the restaurant! Read the entire article here.

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