Plastic Pollution
September 27 2011

Simon Cowell is a Plastic Litterbug

by Bill Hickman

I am going to confess to a guilty pleasure here and admit that I like to watch some of the talent competition television shows.  Last week I tuned into the season premiere of The X Factor and was impressed by some of the talent but bummed to learn that Simon is a litterbug.  In between some good covers, great originals and a few forgettable performances, a commercial popped up for a cell service provider that featured Simon tossing 'junk, useless, embarrassing, whatever, rubbish ' phones from an oceanfront home on to the beach.

I get that the ad is meant to be funny and I'm sure no plastics were harmed in the filing of that commercial but it's still a bad message to send that the beach is a place for rubbish.  Our domestic disposiable society seems to be spreading to emerging markets so any conservation messages that can be weaved into to shows, movies, ads, etc. are sublime while ads like this are a step backwards.  No need to boycott or anything but just remember to vote with your dollar.  Choose the truly 'green' products and support businesses with good ethics.