Know Your H20, Water Quality
July 20 2012

Spending cuts problems with old and failing sewers and storm systems

by Mara Dias

Under the guise of lowering the federal deficit, the House of Representatives continues to take aim at many environmental and water programs.  The current spending bill they are working on proposes a 53% cut to the federal program that makes low-cost loans to cities to build and fix infrastructure to prevent water pollution.The last few years this program was actually praised as a good way to create jobs and make America's cities more hospitable for businesses.  These cuts would mean that there would be less money available to cities to fix and upgrade sewer systems and make changes to their stormwater systems to install more natural solutions, or green infrastructure.

Not suprisingly, the current House spending bill for EPA does not include any funding for BEACH Act grants either that support local beach water testing programs in all coastal states.

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